A Selection of Radio Features and Documentaries:

Behind the Mask: about the Carnival of Venice (with Eira Johansson)

The Ghetto of Venice (with Eira Johansson)

Between Earth and Heaven:about the art of flamenco (with Eva Odrischinsky)

The City of Gypsies: about flamenco, part II (with Eva Odrischinsky)

The Cuckoo:a programme inspired by the Kanteletar, a collection of traditional Finnish folk poetry (with composer Timo Hietala)

The Silence of the Arab Woman (with Carita Backström)

Ithaca - myth and reality: looking for Homer and Odysseus (with Eira Johansson)

Zagreb Spring 2002: a story of friendship (hommage to Zvonimir Bajsić)

Method in Madness:Dario Fo at the Finnish National Opera

"A Classic Is Like a White Rabbit Out of a Magician's Hat": about the Finnish Anthem (with composer Timo Hietala)

The Egyptian Tale:a story about a version of Mozart's opera the Magic Flute

The Wizard Oz:about and with Israeli writer Amos Oz

Painter's Portrait: with 90-year old David Douglas Duncan, Picasso's photographer and close friend

"Signor Scarlatti's Music Will Take Our Minds Off the Painful Facts of Life": about a chamber music play based on Nobel Prize winner José Saramago's novel Baltasar and Blimunda and D Scarlatti's music. A small theatre company travels to Saramago's 80th birthday in Madrid, Lissabon and Lanzarote.


Editor of Lisbeth Landefort's book "Peka inte på Regnbågen" (Söderströms 2003) and "Älä osoita sateenkaarta" (Tammi 2004)